Total Blackout Film - White Exterior

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Black Interior - White Exterior

  • Total Coverage

  • 100% Light Blocking

  • Static-Cling, No Residue

  • Perfect for day sleepers or nursery rooms





Customer Reviews

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Absolutely reordering

It’s only been a day since I’ve applied to to the windows. It was super easy to put up. I love the quality of it and the measuring lines to assist in cutting. Of course it’s never a perfect line but no worries. That’s why it’s a DIY project and not a professional $$$$. It immediately darkened the room. My window panes have a top half and a lower. So I completed the top on all 4 windows (bay windows). Absolutely going to reorder to complete the lower windows.

Just what we needed

This film was perfect for the camper window it went on!

L. Carter
Shrinking is noticeable over a month

This window film works well but it shrinks after a short while. I measured 60” long but it shrank down to about 58”. The width is not a problem, only the length has the shrinking problem. It blocks all of the light that it covers. Measure an extra 2” to be sure the fit is good over a period of time.

Sara Troxell
Perfect and easy to install.

SUPER easy to install. Cut easily to fit my windows, and has a paper backing with a grid, which I measured terribly, but that's not the fault of the product. They don't block out quite as much light as I would have preferred, but block out enough that I can sleep (when I purchased I was working overnights, and sleeping during the daytime). I don't feel they particularly help keep heat or cold in/out. Probably great when added with a curtain (which i couldn't hang in my current apartment)I had one minor issue when an ice storm came in, and when the thaw started, some of the panels started to shift with the extra moisture. I laid the panels out flat and dried the window and reapplied as directed and no problems since. I am moving soon so plan to rebuy because I really love them.

Be careful cutting to size - product shrinks as it dries

When I put the product on my window it went on super easy. It slide into place and the air bubbles came out easily by gliding a straight edge over the product. The light was almost completely blocked out except for some areas around the widow locks that I couldn't get perfect. Unfortunately, an hour later when I went to check on it, the product had shrunk and now light got through all the cracks on the edges. I wish I had allowed for shrinkage because it was working wonderfully but the directions left that fact out. My advice is to cut an inch larger all the way around and after it dries, trim the excess with an exacta knife.