Installation Guide

What you will need:

1. Scissors (to cut your film)
2. Measuring Tape (to measure your window and film)
3. Windex or Spritzer Bottle with water and a couple drops of dish soap (to spray your window and film)
4. Pen or Pencil (to mark the back of your film for cutting)
5. Paper Towels (to wipe up water residue)
6. Ruler or Credit Card (to press excess water out)



  • Measure twice, cut once. Unlike hair, the film won't grow back.
  • Don't stress over perfect placement. The moisture between the film and window allow for easy adjustments prior to pressing water out.
  • Spray generously. It's better to have more water than less water. You will be pressing out the extra anyway.
  • Don't memorize this. Every window film comes with printed instructions.
  • If you have questions, just ask. You can message us here.