Total Blackout Film - All Black

Black Interior - Black Exterior

  • Total Coverage

  • 100% Light Blocking

  • Static-Cling, No Residue

  • Perfect for day sleepers or nursery rooms

  • Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Works Perfect

Easy to install...provides excellent results

Great product!

I don’t usually post reviews but this stuff works great! I was worried when we opened it we thought it was self adhesive! We followed the directions and it looks great!!

Excellent Product!

Very happy with the darkness this roll of film provides. It was easy to put up and keeps my room dark so I can sleep during sunlight hours.

Blackout is completely opaque, works very well

This is for the blackout version. It works great, it is completely opaque. This might sound obvious, but this is not easy to find, as a shift worker, I have tried many "blackout" products that let a lot of light in.

I actually found this to be a pretty forgiving DIY project. I'm not particularly good at anything that requires steady hands or fine motor skills, but these sheets stretch and are easy to cut. I even dropped a piece a couple times, but it does unstick from itself and you can clean it off by brushing it. I cleaned the window thoroughly before application, and then sprayed windex on the glass, and it attached just fine. They are easy to remove by pulling, though.

Edit: I decided it worked so well that I did another window with the same product. I used a trick on my windows, I got some black electrical tape to cover up the edges where I didn't cut 100% perfectly, plus the tape helps a little with adhesion, although I don't think the film really needs it.That was a few weeks ago now. This film is really great, I can open and close my window, and it isn't coming off or anything. I don't even need to think about it.