Best Window Seat Cushions

Best Window Seat Cushions


If your home has a bay window or even a smaller picture window with seating room, you can create a comfortable, stylish nook in your area. While bay window designs often include a built-in ledge or bench made for seating, others have available space underneath to add a bench. 

Even the simplest window seat can dress up a window and, in turn, brighten the whole room. Just a few slight touches, and you’re able to add style and color to the space. Functionally, you are adding seating to your room without crowding it with more furniture. Aesthetically, you’re adding a comfortable spot to read, meditate, or daydream in natural light. Enjoy the view or add your own scenery with suncatchers and window treatments.

Simple Design Ideas for Your Window Seat

Dressing up your window begins with a simple cushion for the bench area. If you plan on spending time in your window nook, be sure the cushion is made for comfort as much as it is for aesthetics. Some of the window seat cushions we found are mats designed as accent décor more so than actual seating. You may even find the best combination is a window mat with extra memory foam underneath for the perfect place to relax and watch the world go by.

Non-custom cushions come in a standard rectangular shape that, of course, vary in width and length. Keep in mind that many are catalogued as bench cushions rather than window seats because they work for everything from windowsills to indoor benches and sometimes even patio furniture. Once you measure your window’s bench space, you’ll know the size you need. True patio cushions come in a waterproof type material, so you’ll want to look for the indoor/outdoor fabrics like microsuede and polyester blends.

Once you find a cushion in the size, fabric, and color that suits your style, all that’s left is to choose some accent pieces to complete your look. Patterned pillows and perhaps even a throw blanket if you have room are all you need. If your window bench area is large enough, you may even choose to add a couple of plants or other decorative pieces.

Have a tiny apartment window? Standalone benches come in all sizes. Many include under-seat storage, which comes in handy for homes with limited storage areas. Add a small bench or seat cushion to create a comfy book nook.

Below are some of our recommended window seat and bench cushions that make fantastic foundation pieces for your window seat. 

Best Window Mat for Bay Windows

The CAMAL Non-Slip Bay Window Mat is incredibly versatile. Not only does it come in four sizes and five soft colors, but it also serves as a windowsill mat and even a sofa cover. 

This windowsill mat is made with a plush cotton and polyester blend, plus added filler inside, giving it the feel of a blanket. The non-skid material on the underside keeps the mat in place. The colors are as soft as the fabric and come in natural shades of pink, grey, khaki, green, and cream white. The material is washable on the gentle cycle. The sizes range in length from 90cm (35.4”) to 180cm (70.9”).

What we liked best about this was the fit. Because it’s a mat rather than a cushion, it fits snugly in the seat area. The non-skid bottom keeps the mat in place, which makes it functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. We chose the khaki color because it blended well with several decors. 

The only thing to keep in mind here is that this is a mat and not a cushion, which means there is less padding. For seating, you could add a layer of foam underneath or toss some wide pillows on top. Also, the product photos show matching pillows. However, your purchase is for the mat only. The manufacturer does state this in the product description, though the photos are a bit misleading. 

Pros: Soft material; great color and length options; non-skid.

Cons: Not enough padding for sitting; does not include matching pillows.

Best Faux Leather Window Seat

If warm and fuzzy isn’t the look you’re going for, take a look at the Winsome Boris Bench, Espresso bench cushion. The thick padding makes a comfortable seat, and the rich espresso faux leather gives your window a more modern look.

The dimensions for this cushion are 36 “L x 13” D x 2.17” H. For our tester window, we found that two cushions created a perfect fit for the window seat. Other customer reviews state similar solutions, one cushion for small seats and two or more for larger areas. Winsome does have a similar bench in different dimensions called the Winsome Paige Bench, Espresso. The dimensions for that are 34” L x 16” D x 2.17” H. The finish and materials are the same.

While Winsome designed the cushion for a specific bench in their line, we think it’s an excellent choice for window seats. Other customers agreed and included photos of their purchase snugly fitted into their window seat.

Cleaning these cushions is as easy as wiping with a damp cloth, and the rich espresso finish means you can pair just about any accent color with it to complement your room’s existing décor.

Pros: Attractive espresso finish; easy to clean; comfortable.

Cons: Only a single length available.

Most Versatile Window Bench Cushion

The Klear Vu Rembrandt Gripper Textured Bench Cushion is a basic seat cushion that you’ll find a use for all over your home. What we love about this simple cushion is that it’s the perfect balance of versatile, quality, and aesthetics for the price. With its dimensions of 36” x 14” x 3,” it makes an ideal window seat, bench, or piano bench cushion.

It has a non-slip gripper bottom that keeps the seat in place. The material is polyester and soft to the touch. Our reviewers tried it out in several spaces, including a bay window seat (we placed two of them together), a piano bench, and a hope chest. 

For all three, the cushion looked great and stayed in place, even on the backless piano bench. And, we found that the grippers work well without sticking to the wood surface as some do. You don’t have to worry about the cushion damaging the surface of your bench or windowsill. 

The cushion comes in your choice of dark brown, olive green, or tan, which are all earthy shades that blend in with many color schemes. The fabric is stitched well, and the tufted-button style and Rembrandt fabric pattern are pleasing to the eye.

One downside we found with this cushion is that, while the tufted buttons make it look soft and cushy, it isn’t as comfortable as it looks. You will sink into the cushion as you sit, and don’t end up with as much padding as you may have expected.

Pros: Attractive; durable; stays in place; won’t damage wood or painted surface.

Cons: Not enough padding for some.